Kincaid Building Group ReBranded

Kincaid Building Group Rebranded: Focusing on Building a Strong Future in Lansing

Kincaid Building Group is reverting back to their original name, growing where their roots are planted

Lansing, MI: As of 2019, Kincaid Building Group, formerly Kincaid Henry, a Lansing-based construction services and techniques company, has undergone a rebrand and is refocusing on their core values. With a new, strong look, a new name, and new processes, Kincaid Building Group is reestablishing themselves with their team and is retargeting their efforts on serving mid-Michigan.

Kincaid Building Group, originally founded 22 years ago by Ryan J. Kincaid, is looking forward to continuing their work, revitalizing their services, and keeping their core values prevalent in their new venture under their original name.

“I can assure you, change is the only thing that remains constant,” says Kincaid. “2018 and 2019 will forever be marked as a period of change for me, my family, my friends, and my team. Change brings challenges, and challenges build character. Thankfully, almost all of our changes have been positive. I am really stoked about this company, its potential, and for the clients who are working with our team.”

The group has a long history in the lower peninsula, but is thrilled to continue the trend of growth in Lansing while keeping their passion of building teams and serving clients at the forefront. Sticking to its proven process of “Collaborate, Create, Succeed,” Kincaid Building Group will continue to service business owners looking to expand, build, and/or repurpose their real estate.

“We care about people, we care about our work, and we care about the success of others. I am an entrepreneur through and through: always looking to improve, grow, innovate, coach… and I think the next several years in this industry are going to be huge for this company, the Lansing area, and our state. With all of the recent changes and the reset of our brand, we are positioned to serve this growing market and have the tools to find success which is very exciting.”      


Ryan J. Kincaid, LEED AP


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